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Re: Garbled screen

Kim Breedlove wrote:
> I have just got X running although only using VGA_16 server, but hope to
> get SVGA server later. Now, I have annoying problem that when I exit X
> my command mode display is garbled. Example: "command not found" is
> displayed as "cmmad nt funnd" and "startx" is "sarrt". The commands are
> working as I can go back to X and everything is OK , but after leaving X
> ,display is again garbled and I must reboot to clear it. Anyone have any
> pointers on where I might look to solve this? Thanks.
> Kim Breedlove
Might you be using SVGAtextmode to set your console? If so, XFree does
have a problem with this package. Take a look at
/usr/doc/svgatextmode/FAQ.gz for more info on this one.

Hope this helps.
Paul Miller

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