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Re: Try to install Debian Linux 2.0, computer resets after loading linux.kernel

On Tue, Jan 26, 1999 at 11:33:09PM +0100, David Peterson wrote:
> It happens without any warnings, it loads root and linux image then "poof"
> reboot....what to do cant do anything, never comes to any install options
> just loadlin and then it loads a bit and computer reboots..please help me!
> Sincerely,

I had this problem a 430TX motherboard, it would boot windows95 fine,
NT4 would boot but the keyboard didn't work (important), but Linux just
did a quick reboot after loading the kernel. Come to find out that the
bios had a bug (amibios) in the keyboard initialization, and had to be
flash upgraded.

The upgrade only requires downloading the image and using a boot disk
to install it. Check with your motherboard manufacturer's website or
call the computer retailer you bought it from.

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