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Re: STTY and CRT

> Nidge: I don't know why yours is hosed, but since it's worked for so many
> other people, and you mentioned problems with joe as well, it's probably
> something you hosed yourself.

Yes but the 'upgrade' went OK with no errors, so how can that be ?

I don't want to get into a battle on who's fault it was, These things happen
for whatever reasons. All I want to do is mend it!

It is odd that I have the exact same problems on TWO upgraded machines
here eh? Surely *I* didn't hose them both identically. That I find hard to

> Do you have $TERMINFO set perhaps,

AH! Now were getting somehwere. Everyone keeps mentioning TERMINFO and
TERMCAP. But how do I know if mines OK. how do I test the paths etc.

> to a path containing not-up-to-date terminfo files?

HUH! Now I am really confused? Why to not-up-to-date? What is the point of
upgrading a package to point the path back at the old one?

> When you did the debian 2.0 upgrade, did it ask you if you wanted to 
> replace some files in the terminfo package, and you said no?

Not sure. I think I said Y to almost every question is asked like 'do you
want the new 'config' files etc.

But again, how do I know which are the right ones, and which are the wrong.
This is why I would like to PURGE and RE_INSTALL (whatever) package to make
sure. But what packages(s), and can I do that. Or will purging them shaft
something else in the process.

> (It shouldn't ask if you hadn't changed the files, but due to bugs
> it does sometimes.)

Some nice guy on #debian/IRC (remco I think) got me to do a checksum on
/etc/terminfo/v/vt100 yesterday, and he say the result was the same as his..
and his work???

Out of interest, if you say N to overwriting an exisiting file when
upgrading, doesn't it create a whatever.dpkg-dist file in the same directory! 
So a 'find /* -name *.dpkg-dist' would soon find anything you might have 
hosed by saying N?

I do NOT have such things as "vt100.dpkg-dist" in the /etc/terminfo
directories. But I do have a few for such things as squid, motd etc..
Which wouldn't make any difference to this !


Nidge Jones

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