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Re: Entpacken von Dateien im .deb-Format

for general information, the translation services at alta vista translated the message as:

	 I know the files in the deb format also in a Windows surface > unpack? And if, how? >   		 	

you can do this with a cut and paste at http://babelfish.altavista.com/cgi-bin/translate?	

John Cuson

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>>> Jeff Katcher <Jeff_Katcher@canamera.com> 01/20 1:28 PM >>>

"Preuss, Maik" wrote:
> Kann ich die Dateien im .deb Format auch in einer Windows-Oberfläche
> entpacken? Und wenn ja, wie?
> Maik Preuß
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> E-Mail: MPreuss@psi.de 
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I'm just curious as to wether there is a german? language list we could
direct these kind of query's to.  or wether there is someone German
speaking who could translate?


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