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UML Software for Linux


  I'd like to know if there is any (free) software for UML under Linux.
the moment I'm using a commercial software under Windows.

  If there's no such software I think I'll propose it as a student
project, but
then I have a few question :

  1) Would there be any legal/copyright problems (concerning UML) and
how to deal 
with them?

  2) Till now the student projects focused on teaching OO analysis and
and team work. I'd like to add to those "practical" considerations and I
like the
Debian policy. The problem is that I'm new to Debian, I know almost
nothing about
its development and still didn't have time to read the corresponding
docs. Where 
should I start knowing that implementation will be the last thing we'll

  3) Is there any French documentation for developers? I think that only
a few
students will be able to understand the English ones.

  4) Any other idea or suggestion?


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