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Re: Warning on mounting partitions: automate e2fsck?

Hi Carl,

you wrote on: 16 Jan 99 at 22:33 (received 17.01.99)
about       : _Warning on mounting partitions: automate e2fsck?_

>Why can't the same process (init?) that
>autochecks the root partition, just automatically check the others
>instead of warning me?

You might want to read man fstab. AFAIK you can edit the numeric arguments  
(e.g. issue a 2 instead of a 1 or even a 0 in order to tell linux, that  
the file-system does not need checking).

>I have only vague knowledge of what happens when a Debian system
>bootstraps, so please make any answers fairly basic.

I'm a newbie myself :-) but give it a try anyway :-)

Kind regards    Frederick

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