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Re: oddlu corrupted file during slink upgrade

On Sun, 17 Jan 1999, Jason Wright wrote:

> It's obviously corrupted and bogus:
> gusgus:~ # ls -l /usr/man/man2/iopl.2.gz
> prw--ws---   1 505      38296           0 Jan  2  1970 /usr/man/man2/iopl.2.gz
> And I can't delete it

This looks familiar.  I'd suggest:
1) e2fsck -cf /dev/hd?
2) try to move the file
3) make a ramdisk, move the file to the ramdisk, reboot (I get a sneaky
   and devilish feeling doing that)
4) probably the one you will hear the most: debugfs

I've never used 4 and don't trust it personally, but apparently it should
do the trick.


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