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Fwd: Re: Problem with intallation on a wierd PC/MAC combo

Another approach would be to install a Mac version of Linux or NetBSD.

If its a powerpc, use MkLinux, available through apple's website.

If its a 68k mac, use NetBSD. See www.netbsd.org. There's a very helpful 
mailing list for this.

All you have to do is repartition your hard drive and put the Un*x on the 
other hard drive. (All? That's a trick, if you don't have another drive 
to swap your system+files to. I used a SyQuest drive when I did it with a 
Mac SE/30. Boy, that machine was slow.). In NetBSD, there are utilities 
to boot from the mac to the unix; last time I checked (a year+ ago?), you 
couldn't just boot directly to unix.

It's a different approach to things, but it might work.


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