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StarOffice 5.0 on Debian

Hello everyone,

I have tried thus far a few times to get star office installed on the
'hamm' distribution.  The readme file states that the libc6 libraries
are already there.  I followed the instructions to verify that the
library files exist on the machine and they do.  I ran the ./setup /net
root to eliminate any permission problems and allow for user installs
only to get an error something like, "cannot start X server".  
So I started X and ran the ./setup /net from the command window.  I saw 
a StarOffice screen then the system locked up and had to be shut off
without a 
shutdown.  Next I tried to install the libraries anyway using the .
./soprep script
and was prompted to force the install.  I ran ./setup
from the command line again and the same x server error came up.  I did
not start X and try the command line again.

Does anyone use StarOffice and is there something simple that I'm

Danny R. Gray
Research Technician
Department of Pathology
UNC-CH School of Medicine

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