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Re: Problem starting X-Windows !!!

On Thu, 14 Jan 1999 Franz.Skale@akl.at wrote:

> I have configured Xfree with XF86Setup ans all seems to be all right.
> After configuration, the X-Server starts, and i am able to save my
> configuration.
> Graphic card: Matrox Mystique 1064SG rev. 3 2 MB Video Ram.
> The only things is that SVGA X-Server is used, because there is no Matrox
> based x-Server to select.
> Now i try to start X-windows and get the error message that there is no
> valid video mode selected. (Error 111 cannot not connect to x-Server)

When you are configuring your xserver, at the end you get the list of
modes ( resolutions ) at the given bpp.
8bpp modes are chosen as defaults. What you need to do is:
Depending upon the monitor and card values you will get the list of all
the modes that your computer can support.
Choose them in the decreasing order:
For example, if it looks like 
640x480  800x600  1024x764   8bpp

Hit 1 and change the order into 
1024x764   800x600   640x480   
Or something like that. What will happen is xserver will look for the
first valid mode and use it. 
If it doesnt work, try small resolutions.

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