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Re: pppconfig

    Well it works now.  I set up the files as noted before, "chmoded"
them so both the binary.net and mpool versions were the same.  I
couldn't dial out.  So I ran pppconfig again and this time success with
mpool:)  Then binary.net wouldn't work (that isp line is now somewhat
operational) I ran pppconfig for binary.net and now it works:)  The
file   /etc/chatscripts/provider  is the file the
account  binary.net is using, so I could probably delete the
/etc/chatscripts/binary.net file.  I know that  mpool isn't effected by
/etc/chatscripts/provider because I changed the number in the file to
just the prefix "484" binary.net got a "your call did not go through"
message, mpool  dialed up just fine.  Thank you for your help all!!  I'm
not entirely sure what
happened but...

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