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Re: package upgrading issue

On Mon, Jan 11, 1999 at 11:12:50PM -0500, tjm1@thorn.net wrote:

> Using dselect I ftped  in wanting to get an upgraded package list for potato. ( most of my system is stable)
> I prefer to at least look at the packages in dselect because it will inform me of any required dependences even
> if I don't actually install that way. The problem is this.  When upgrading the package list dselect marks  
> everything that was installed as install.  For example if I have bc100.0001.deb  installed 
> and potato has a bc100.0002 available this new file is marked for installation.  What this means is that dselect

dselect doesn't understand the concept of using more than one release.
apt (the successor to dselect) is going to support this, but for the minute
we're stuck with dselect which doesn't.

> My efforts to fix this problem have dug me deeper into the hole and now I will probably be forced to do a 
> complete reinstall.  I think it would me far better for deslect or the new package installation tool to mark 
> the newer packages as 'upgradeable' rather than assuming I want to install hundreds of megs.

Unfortunately, you're stuck with this if you use dselect.  It is possible
to mark packages as being on hold with '=' so that they won't be upgraded,
but this means that when you do want to upgrade your distribution you'll
have to go through and unhold the packages.

I suggest using the packages index on the Debian website to view packages
in other releases and then installing them with dpkg.

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