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Re: slink PPP hangup problem

Isn't the failing of chat (2nd line of in your messages) means that you were 
connected at all ?

> Hello All
> I have been using Debian Slink Linux for a while now, but I have a problem
> hanging up (terminating) a PPP connection.
> I have the latest version of PPPD installed, I have edited the chatscripts
> ect... to dial the interent, and i use pon to logon to the internet.
> But when it comes time to log off the internet I do have a problem. The
> problem is that when I run /usr/bin/poff. The program does not 'terminate'
> thet PPP connection properly. The connection is terminated but in
> /var/log/syslog I get the following messages:
> Jan  6 07:01:49 indolent pppd[296]: Terminating on signal 2.
> Jan  6 07:02:34 indolent chat[851]: Failed
> Jan  6 07:02:34 indolent pppd[296]: disconnect script failed
> Jan  6 07:02:35 indolent pppd[296]: Exit.  
> I have no clue how to fix this problem. I know that poff does work on this
> other debian box that I have, and it hangs up instantly off the internet.
> When I use poff of this machine I can't get off the intenret instantly it
> takes a few minutes then puts some errors out to syslog (shown above), I
> was just wondering if anyone has nay idea how to fix this. Or what kind of
> problem this is... And once in a long while sometimes the modem won't
> hangup when i execute /usr/bin/poff and I am forced to reboot the box.
> Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?
> Thanks in advance,
> Nikhil
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