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Re: Switch to Red Hat? No thanks...

john jabbed,

> I have found that there is much more packages available for
> debian than there are for Red Hat, so if you did move to Red Hat
> then you would be missing out on a lot of Linux goodies.
> If there is an odd package that is only available in a .rpm,
> then just convert the .rpm to a .deb file (takes two minutes).
> I have three .rpm packages installed on my Debian 2.0 install. 
> If I installed Red Hat I would be missing out on at least 20% of
> the packages I use daily...

Yes, I found that as well.  In addition to being harder to install at 
the moment (a *big* reversal from two years ago), redhat is missing 
some basic stuff.  The last time i looked was probably almost a year 
ago, but they were missing some pretty basic stuff--a "vanilla" fvwm2 
(If 2 was even available; i couldn't quite tell), exmh 2.x (1.x was, 
uhh, awkward at best, and button-heavy), and a couple of odds and ends.

I also flirted with FreeBSD, which is easier to install than either RH 
or debian, if it supports your equipment.  BUt just try and get an 
answer on their mailing lists; you need your own personal guru.

Finally, someone pointed me to /etc/issue, and I was able to s/GNU//g  
:), which will get me by until I find the time to build the BSD 
utilities to replace the GNU stuff . . .


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