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Re: Switch to Red Hat? No thanks...

I have found that there is much more packages available for
debian than there are for Red Hat, so if you did move to Red Hat
then you would be missing out on a lot of Linux goodies.

If there is an odd package that is only available in a .rpm,
then just convert the .rpm to a .deb file (takes two minutes).

I have three .rpm packages installed on my Debian 2.0 install. 
If I installed Red Hat I would be missing out on at least 20% of
the packages I use daily...


> > From:         Jeff Miller[SMTP:jmiller@gfs.com]
> > Sent:         Friday, January 08, 1999 8:24 AM
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> > Subject:      Switch to Red Hat?
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> > Hello Debian users,
> >
> > I have been using the Debian distribution of Linux for many months now,
> > but am starting to recognize deficiencies in available, up-to-date
> > packages.  For example, the latest GNOME files are 0.99.2 but I cannot
> > find .deb files for it anywhere.  The best I could find was 0.30.  This
> > wouldn't be an issue if I could actually make my own, but many times the
> > packages simply won't build for me.  The *other* major distribution, Red
> > Hat, has .rpm files available for the GNOME project and they are pretty
> > much up to date but I can't get them to install on my Debian system.  I am
> > torn because I like the fact that Debian packages are easy to find and
> > download, but it seems that Red Hat is more up-to-date.  Are there others
> > that have found this as a problem?  Can someone convince me not to *cross
> > over*?  I am tempted to just run out and purchase Red Hat 5.2 and wipe my
> > Debian system and leave it all behind me.  Is there an alternative?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Jeff
> >
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