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PS/2 Mice not working =(

I have a PS/2 mouse, Logitech Mouseman 4 btn, that will not work with 
either gpm or X, when i start gpm with protocol PS/2 and dev - psaux it 
says.. "gpm: /dev/psaux operation not supported by device" and i know what 
that text mens but i think its strange cuz i have had it working before 
with the exacly samt comp. and samt hardware, with one exception.. that is 
that i now have a CD-R recorder in.. could it be that the CD-R are using 
irq 12?? and how do i se if its like that, and if so. how do i change 

Thanks alot for helping me out.. (if anyone does that) =P hehe

And by the way, im from sweden.. so my english isnt the wery best..

Thanks / Eric Holmbom

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