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Re: Upgrading

Libc5 should still be installed (or can easily be reinstalled) after the
upgrade.  It should coexist with libc6 without any problems.

Good luck,

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On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Nidge Jones wrote:

> I run Debian 1.3.1 and wish to upgrade to release 2.0
> Having read up on this a little, am I correct in saying that I will be able
> to do this without breaking everything?
> I am concearned about the LIB6c stuff, and what upgrading will mean to my
> old (LIB5) non-debian packages. Will they still work, or will I end up
> breaking everything from trying to change to 2.0 ?
> I understand I need to run the autoup.sh script first, then use dselect as
> normal afterwards. This is fine for upgrading my Debian Packages. But what
> about other stuff *I* may have installed in /usr/local etc !

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