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Re: AWE 64 Value

Andrea Novara writes:

Andrea> The problem is the MIDI system. I've installed the awe32 patch on a
Andrea> 2.0.35 kernel. make xconfig, dep, clean, zImage, modules and
Andrea> modules_install configured lilo ad reinstalled it! I have a recursive
Andrea> line:

Andrea> Jan 3 04:28:50 gromit kernel: AWE32: not detected

	I had this problem just two weeks ago. First, it is normal to see a
SB16 message. The normal audio devices are SB16. SB32 is only used for the
wavetable synthesis.

	Make sure you have compiled the sound support as a module, and put it
in /etc/modules. Otherwise, it will not work (this is true for all pnp cards).
Secondly, check out if you don't have installed any other sound drivers (like
NAS). Otherwise, you might see always busy audio devices.

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