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Re: smbmount-2.1.x: how does it work ?

Jérôme Zago <agt@F614.resF.insa-lyon.fr> writes:

> "smbclient //servif3/user4if -U jzago" works just fine but I would like to 
> mount this share to /mnt/servif3.
> "Usage: smbmount-2.1.x service <password> [-p port] [-d debuglevel] [-l log]"
> it seems like smbclient. where does I provide the mount point ?

smbmount-2.1.x //servif3/user4if -U jzago -c 'mount /mnt/servif3'

There's an example like this right at the top of the smbmount-2.1.x
man page here.

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