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RE: About Gnome Panel and KDE applications

Here is the answer of Jim Pick, gnome mantainer for this question.

> I'm aware of this behaviour.  I had talked to the Gnome guys, and was
> hoping that they would fix it upstream, but they didn't.

Take a look in the "Gnome 0.30 x KDE" thread in debian-devel (October)

The point is that the Gnome guys didn't fix it. So it is a bug. I really hope
this will be fixed in Gnome 0.99 (or 1.0) when it is packaged.



PS: Meio estranho responder em Ingles, mas queria uma resposta util para
Paulo Henrique Baptista de Oliveira writes:
 >     Hi Debian users,
 >     I installed gnome-panel and gnome-session in my home computer (a mix
 > of hamm and slink) and the panel has n menus with all the applications
 > of KDE. Very ugly. Anyone know how to fix this?
 >     Have a nice happy new year,            Paulo Henrique
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