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Re: multiple xservers on one machine?

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Vincent Murphy wrote:

> I and a colleague share a PC.  We would like to each run our own Xserver,
> which can be switched to using Ctrl-Alt-F7 and F8

First user logs on, starts Xserver with     startx
                                            (available via Ctrl-Alt-F7)
Second user logs on, starts Xserver with    startx -- :1
                                            (available via Ctrl-Alt-F8)

I have a 486 100 with 16Mb of RAM and 2Mb graphics on which I *always* run
*three* Xservers simultaneously in this way.

(OK, if I push the total number of simultaneous applications to something 
silly, one will eventually go b&w on me, but it's all incredibly stable
and reliable.)

Martin Wheeler   -    StarTEXT, Glastonbury, Somerset, England - BA6 9PH
mwheeler@startext.co.uk                       http://www.startext.co.uk/

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