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Re: multiple xservers on one machine?

Vincent Murphy <murphyv@wisdom.ucc.ie> writes:

> I and a colleague share a PC.  We would like to each run our own Xserver,
> which can be switched to using Ctrl-Alt-F7 and F8, as with virtual
> consoles.
> Is such a situation possible?  I'm running hamm.

Yes, just use the shell function (can be defined in your .bashrc

x() {
      for i in `seq 0 4`;do if [ ! -f /tmp/.X${i}-lock ]; then D=$i; break; fi; done
      if [ "${D}" = "x" ]; then
        echo "No free virtual terminal"
        if [ $# -lt 1 ];
          then startx -- :${D} -bpp 16 2> ~/.X.err > ~/.X.out &
          else startx -- :${D} -bpp $1 2> ~/.X.err > ~/.X.out  &

instead of the normal startx call.  Default colordepth is 16, you can
override this with passing an argument to this function.


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