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Re: How to establish a semi-permanent dial-up connection?

	Ok, tried this and no joy. Any other ideas? When I run
fetchmail-up from root's home dir, it seems to work (at least it dials
ok). Perhaps the problem is the order in which things are started. How
can I set things up to be sure that diald has been started before
fetchmail-up runs.

BTW, here is the fetchmail-up script I'm refering to:


test -r /etc/fetchmailrc && \
        /usr/bin/fetchmail -d 600 --syslog  --fetchmailrc /etc/fetchmailrc

	TIA for any advice!
On 31 Dec, Kevin Traas wrote:
>> My question is: instead of having fetchmail start up from ip-up,
>>how to I get it going by itself? In other words, I want to start
>>fetchmail in daemon mode during the boot sequence. I know it has to be
>>after diald gets started, or the thing won't work the first time out.
>>Where do I put the fetchmail-up script to make this happen properly?
> Add a script to /etc/rc.boot called "fetchmail" or something.  Be sure the
> first line of the script indicates the shell to run the script (i.e.
> "#!/bin/sh) and make sure the script is "chown root:root" and "chmod 0750".
> I can't remember for sure or not - it's been a while since I worked with
> fetchmail - but you may have to do a "/bin/su -c 'command line to run
> fetchmail' <username>" to get fetchmail to run as a user other than root....
> But, probably all you'll have to do is move the fetchmail line out of ip-up
> and into the new script created above.
> Hope this helps!
> Later,
> Kevin Traas

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