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Re: octave&gunplot&||symbolic math

On Thu, 31 Dec 1998, Eric Drayer wrote:

> I am interested in using the above as well as any other packages that
> might be related...scilab,pari

there is also maxima - comp.alg. system on top of 

> I am having difficulty getting to the documentation that tells how to run
> and use the above.I installed octave and gunplot with dselect along with
> other stuff
> I also can't figure out how to run the games. I did look up the docs.when
> I type any of the /games/* at the prompt I get * not an exec ...or
> something to that effect.
> I have the slackware cdrom but with scilab,pari I did not see them in
> dselect(I am using debian dist with kernal 2.0.33).Did i miss them?
> I have tried to get mathematica running but the phone tech for wolfram was
> not able to figure out why the password he gave me would not work.I
> reinstalled it and did a lot of superficial monkey buisness as per his
> advice.I think the install was good but when I call up mathematica in X I
> get a dialog that says I have reached my process limit and my password is
> not valid...he gave me two passwords with 4 processes.
> well I will be away for two weeks to deal with "life"
> I have benifited from some of the advice given at this place.
> thanxs  

what mathematica version do you have?



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