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octave&gunplot&||symbolic math

I am interested in using the above as well as any other packages that
might be related...scilab,pari

I am having difficulty getting to the documentation that tells how to run
and use the above.I installed octave and gunplot with dselect along with
other stuff

I also can't figure out how to run the games. I did look up the docs.when
I type any of the /games/* at the prompt I get * not an exec ...or
something to that effect.

I have the slackware cdrom but with scilab,pari I did not see them in
dselect(I am using debian dist with kernal 2.0.33).Did i miss them?

I have tried to get mathematica running but the phone tech for wolfram was
not able to figure out why the password he gave me would not work.I
reinstalled it and did a lot of superficial monkey buisness as per his
advice.I think the install was good but when I call up mathematica in X I
get a dialog that says I have reached my process limit and my password is
not valid...he gave me two passwords with 4 processes.

well I will be away for two weeks to deal with "life"
I have benifited from some of the advice given at this place.

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