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How to establish a semi-permanent dial-up connection?

Hi, folks

	What I'm trying to setup is this: When I boot-up my system, I
want to get a dial-up ppp connection to my ISP and grab mail. I want
this to happen without having to manually run pon after I log in. I also
want to be able to detect if the line has gone down and re-connect in
that event.

	I am currently using fetchmail, running as a daemon, by having
the fetchmail-up script which starts it in ip-up.d. This works ok,
except I have to run pon to start everything. However, if the line
disconnects, fetchmail has no way of getting it back up again.

	I think I can do what I want by using diald. That way, whenever
fetchmail wakes up to get new mail, diald will reconnect if the line has

	My question is: instead of having fetchmail start up from ip-up,
how to I get it going by itself? In other words, I want to start
fetchmail in daemon mode during the boot sequence. I know it has to be
after diald gets started, or the thing won't work the first time out.
Where do I put the fetchmail-up script to make this happen properly? 

'til next we type...
HAVE FUN!! -- Jesse

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