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RE: Binary-cat Console Junkedness... [(Sort of) OFF-TOPIC]

On 30-Dec-98 Ryan King wrote:
> Knowing the answer to this question doesn't matter much, but I am
> curious...
> Why does a VC go bonkies when you cat a binary file from it?  What doesn't
> make sense to me is that only some of the chars display wrong, and that
> it's only the display that is ruined, but the actual characters are intact
> as far as bash is concerned.
> I know all you have to do to un-junk it is `echo C-v ESC c`, (which helped
> me a lot before I learned about the `file` command), but I'm still curious.
> Anyone know what is happening?

Some of the sequences in the file are seen as escape sequences, that is why. 
Ascii 26 is Ctrl-Z -- but the binary number 26 good exist and be in the file. 
So when that gets output a Ctrl-Z is entered in the console.  And so on and so

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