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Re: SMP & SCSI resets

On 30-Dec-98, stick@richnet.net took time to write :
> Setting up LILO isn't going to be a problem...just couldn't remember the
> option...

i didn't know the option either before your post.
>> Ps: to find things like that see the kernel sources.
>> for example aic7xxx=no_reset (along with all other options) is clearly
>> mentioned at the beginning of /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx.c
> Yes, you're right.  It's there.  Though there are 220 or so files in
> /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi alone...finding a reference to an option you

yes. but you probably aren't using all scsi drivers at the same time ;-)

> don't know in the source of a driver you don't use *is* somewhat
> problematic.
> It's akin to using a dictionary to learn the proper spelling of a word -
> it's easy to find the word if you already know how to spell it...
> Thanks again, I'll see if I can get over there tonight to do a re-boot.
> Chuck
> PS    Please forgive the rant - sometimes answers like "read the source"
>       remind me of being a dyslexic kid and being told "look it up in
>       the dictionary" every time I couldn't spell a 4-5 letter word.

i probably don't like answer 'read the source' as much as you.
that's why i _also_ give the answer.

but i think it's nice for other people to know where you can find such

before your post i didn't know.
so i've checked myself and answered to you.

but for people new to linux they may think it's kind of a 'mystery' to know
all options... so i point them to where i find it, _even_ if i agree with the
fact it's hard to find what you need...

So the purpose was not to remind you anything, it was just the way i think
best to educate everyone. Please forgive me if you took it otherway.


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