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Re: SMP & SCSI resets

pat@patoche.org said
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> On 30-Dec-98, stick@richnet.net took time to write :
> > Setting up LILO isn't going to be a problem...just couldn't remember the
> > option...
> i didn't know the option either before your post.
> >> Ps: to find things like that see the kernel sources.
> >> for example aic7xxx=no_reset (along with all other options) is clearly
> >> mentioned at the beginning of /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi/aic7xxx.c
> >> 
> > Yes, you're right.  It's there.  Though there are 220 or so files in
> > /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi alone...finding a reference to an option you
> yes. but you probably aren't using all scsi drivers at the same time ;-)
To be honest, It's been a while since I played with that system and I had
forgotten that the 2740 installed uses aic7xxx.  I was too quick to call
for help, perhaps....live and learn.

> > don't know in the source of a driver you don't use *is* somewhat
> > problematic.
> > It's akin to using a dictionary to learn the proper spelling of a word -
> > it's easy to find the word if you already know how to spell it...
> > 
> > Thanks again, I'll see if I can get over there tonight to do a re-boot.
> > 
> > Chuck
> > 
> > PS    Please forgive the rant - sometimes answers like "read the source"
> >       remind me of being a dyslexic kid and being told "look it up in
> >       the dictionary" every time I couldn't spell a 4-5 letter word.
> i probably don't like answer 'read the source' as much as you.
> that's why i _also_ give the answer.
I think one of the reasons "read the source" falls cold on me is that
I'm not a programmer.  I know - most of you are in disbelief that such people
do exist.  We do!  Now this is not to say that I can't program - I can.
I just don't like learning a specific language's syntax to the point where
I avoid programming (that or I delegate it...)  So the sources fall lower
on my list of references than they should.

If Linux is going to succeed with the General Public it's going to need
to deal with a greater percentage of people like me.  Either that or we
should talk about a rewrite in COBOL.  :)

> but i think it's nice for other people to know where you can find such
> informations.
Absolutely!! I was ineffectively trying to point-out that (for me at least)
just learning how to find where the information you need to learn about is

> before your post i didn't know.
> so i've checked myself and answered to you.
Yes.  And I'm sorry I vented.  Your answer was quick and accurate.

> but for people new to linux they may think it's kind of a 'mystery' to know
> all options... so i point them to where i find it, _even_ if i agree with the
> fact it's hard to find what you need...
There's a lot we take for granted.  My father tried Linux once - couldn't
get past drive/partition layouts.  He's from MS-DOS and has worked in an
MS environment so long that what he thinks of as a "drive" is different to
what we expect the term to mean.

> So the purpose was not to remind you anything, it was just the way i think
> best to educate everyone. Please forgive me if you took it otherway.
It wasn't your post that set me off.  It was the shear frustration I have
at times with the vast amount of knowledge available to us.  I *know* that
I know a lot about Unix and Linux and networks, yet I can't help but get
overwhelmed at times by the volume of material I have yet to learn.

> Patrick
Gratefully yours.

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