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Re: Debian install failure on laptop. Please help ...

On Wed, 30 Dec 1998, Robert Alexander wrote:

> Thank you very much Brandon.
> Good to hear there is some hope ...
> I tried your .gov site but despite having many 2.1.4 stuff the rescue
> are only 2.1.3 ... probably will have to try in some more time ...
> BTW the .gov site is a mirror. I looked for an Incoming directory on
> ftp.debian.org but no luck ... where is it hidden ??

I realized that shortly after sending you the message.  Looks like Enrique
either didn't get the who upload done (he has a hard time connecting from
over seas sometimes) or the mirror didn't finish. The real incoming is for
developers only (probably on master).  Us lay people are stuck waiting for
a mirror or the package getting into the actual archive :-)

> Cheers from Rome (just sunset now ...). Bob

Heh, I'm sitting here at work missing the snow that I saw while driving in
today.  Rome would be a nice change.

Happy holidays,

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