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SMP & SCSI resets

Howdy All!

I've finally got my SMP machine spinning both CPU's.  (Seems that the
MB was jumpered wrong...) However, when I boot the system the Adaptec
SCSI Controller gets stuck while resetting.

I seem to remember reading somewhere a LILO/boot command-line option
to turn-off SCSI reset.  Unfortunately, I've not been able to locate
the reference.

Could one of you kind folks either point me in the right direction,
or even (***gasp***) tell me the answer!  :)

It'll be fun having both CPU's *and* SCSI drives (seeing how this is
a SCSI-only system it's kinnda important for those drives to be available...)

Thanks in advance!!

Chuck Stickelman, Owner			E-Mail:	<stick@richnet.net>
Practical Network Design		Voice:	+1-419-529-3841
9 Chambers Road				FAX:	+1-419-529-3625
Mansfield, OH 44906-1301 USA

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