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Re: Apache, Apache-SSL

On Wed, Dec 30, 1998 at 10:47:53AM -0500, Randy Edwards wrote:

 : Does the non-us SSL version of Apache also require the non-SSL package or
 : is it a standalone replacement for Apache?

[remco@oloon:~]$ dpkg --print-avail apache-ssl
Package: apache-ssl
Priority: optional
Section: non-us/web
Installed-Size: 479
Maintainer: Christoph Martin <christoph.martin@uni-mainz.de>
Architecture: i386
Version: 1.3.3+1.27-1
Replaces: apache-modules
Provides: httpd
Depends: libc6, libgdbmg1, libssl09, mime-support, perl, ssleay (>=
0.9.0-1), libssl09 (>= 0.9.0), apache-common (>= 1.3.3)
Suggests: apache-doc, lynx
Conflicts: apache-modules, php3 (<= 3.0.3-1), libapache-mod-perl (<=
Filename: dists/unstable/non-US/binary-i386/apache-ssl_1.3.3+1.27-1.deb
Size: 267708
MD5sum: 5876e367a108dcf5df0e7e37909c0b42
Description: Versatile, high-performance HTTP server with SSL support
 The most popular server in the world, Apache features a modular
 design and supports dynamic selection of extension modules at runtime.
 Some of its strong points are its range of possible customization,
 dynamic adjustment of the number of server processes, and a whole
 range of available modules including many authentication mechanisms,
 server-parsed HTML, server-side includes, access control, CERN httpd
 metafiles emulation, proxy caching, etc.  Apache also supports multiple
 virtual homing.
 This version includes SSL support for secure transactions.
 Separate Debian packages are available for PHP3, mod_perl, Apache
 and other common extensions.  More information is available at

In other words, it needs the apache-common package (which is in main).


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