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Can't get full capacity of my disk!


	I just buy a new hard drive (Maxtor 6.4G). I want to dedicate this 
new Maxtor drive to linux. So I leave my old hard drive as a "master" on the 
first IDE bus (the old drive has DOS/win95), and set my new Maxtor drive 
as a "master" also on the second IDE bus. 

OK, here is the problem.
	On my first attempt to install "hamm" (CD), I partition my new Maxtor 
drive using the Maxtor software included. The Maxtor software split the 
new drive into 4 partitions labeled as "D", "E", "F", "G", each partition 
with a MAXIMUN OF ONLY 2.0 G. Someone told me that the reason for this is 
the limitation of DOS/win95 FAT16, so I am OK with and start to install "hamm". 
       -First, I ran boot.bat from DOS and it loads the kernel and all that 
       -Second, I switch to the color screen.
       -Third, I configurate the keyboard to English.
       -Then, the next is partitioning my hard drive, I pick "hdc" because
        my new Maxtor drive is a "master" on the second IDE bus. I then 
   	press RETURN and I get this error message: 
                 "FATAL ERROR, bad first primary partition"
        How come?????

Ok, so I reset my computer and start a second attempt to install.
	I now delete all 4 partition on my new Maxtor hard drive using "fdisk"
from DOS. (So now I assume that I have one big free space of 6.4 G, I think)
Install "hamm" again.
	-Get to the partitioning the hard drive part and pick "hdc" like 
	 before. But this time I didn't get the error, YESSS! So now I am 
         in the "cfdisk" program and I notice another problem: 
               I can't use full capacity of my disk. 
               It only give a MAXIMUN of only 2014 MB(2G) to split my 
               linux partitions(I intend to have 4 linux partitions: swap, 
               /root, /usr, and /home).

               I thoungt I have 6.4 G on my new Maxtor drive, how come I 
               can't see the full capacity? 
               sigh! ahhhhhhhh man! SUCKS!
               If anyone knows the problem, PLEASE HELP.

Well, if you can't tell, I am a newbie

Linux Rules!

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