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Re: Trying to compile a new kernel.

>  %  lpq
> Printer: lp@dharma  'Epson ESCP2'
>  Queue: 1 printable job
>  Server: pid 378 active
>  Unspooler: pid 379 active
>  Status: cannot open '/dev/lp1' - 'Device not configured', attempt 1,
If your printer is at lp0 that would certainly explain why you can't
print. However, I have no idea why it would assume lp1, since the default 
normally is lp0...

> sleeping 10 at 22:29:59
>  Rank   Owner/ID                   Class Job  Files               Size
> Time
> active  root@dharma+377                A  377 test.doc           313
> 22:29:59
> work with the kernel? I have read about insmod, modprobe, depmod,
> kereld, and kmod but it was a little confusing and I have probably
> missed some step somewhere. I could sure use some advise about now,
> because I am beginning to think that I have stepped into water that is a
> little too deep for me.

The modules should be inserted automatically; try lsmod and see
if the lp module is inserted. if not, cd to the modules directory
(/lib/modules/2.1.312/whatever subdirectory lp.o is in) and insmod lp.o
looks like lpd is running, so likely the module is inserted.

The chief cause of problems is solutions.
                -- Eric Sevareid


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