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Re: Trying to compile a new kernel.

"D'jinnie" wrote:
  >>  Status: cannot open '/dev/lp1' - 'Device not configured', attempt 1,
  >                        ^^^^^^^^
  >If your printer is at lp0 that would certainly explain why you can't
  >print. However, I have no idea why it would assume lp1, since the default 
  >normally is lp0...
Before the 2.1.x kernels, the lp[0-2] devices were hardwired to I/O
addresses. Which one you used depended on how your hardware was set up.

In 2.1.x, the first printer configured is lp0, whatever its address.
There seem to have been one or more additional layers of parallel port
handling added.  Read through the documentation in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/parport.txt.

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