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Re: Newsgroups and this mailing list

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Ross Boylan wrote:

> Hi.  I'm about to get a new machine and put Debian on it, and was wondering
> if someone could explain the relation between the Debian mailing lists and
> the comp.os.linux hierarchy in newgroups.

The debian mailing lists are available unofficially as linux.debian.* from
several sources. This is a one-way gateway in that mailing list postings
are sent to the groups but newsgroup postings are NOT echoed back to the
list. Stanford.edu has access to them because I supply one of their
newsfeeds (one of my news neighbors is a news neighbor of stanford.edu).
You might try looking on Stanford's news server to see if you can find
them and if not, I will be happy to supply them.

George Bonser

>From our familly to you, a toast. Peace, Health, and Prosperity.  

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