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Re: Logo

When I started using Debian a little over 2 years ago I thought the
capital "DEBIAN" that was multi-color looked really sharp.  It would make
a cool sticker, t-shirt, CD-cover or anything actually.  Kudos to whoever
designed it.  It appeared on the web page 'back in the day and looked

Keep the change from my two cents.


> On Tue, Dec 29, 1998 at 05:18:05PM -0500, James LewisMoss wrote:
> > I'm looking at the logo for debian and the text under one version of
> > the Logo is 'Debian GNU/Linux'.  Since we are now working on Gnu/Hurd
> > and there have been grumblings about other ports for years is the
> > GNu/Linux appropriate still?
> Yeah, let's start another logo discussion :)
> If you ask me, we should be brave enough and run a gimp contest and choose a
> new logo from the entries. The Gnome logo was also the result of a gimp
> contest, and it is great.
> About the text: I think Debian GNU/Linux is (still) appropriate. The Debian
> GNU/Hurd is not yet released. However, if you want to be prepared, my
> suggestion would be "Debian" in general, and "Debian GNU/Linux" for the
> linux versions and "Debian GNU/Hurd" if you mean the Hurd in specific.
> Note that the Hurd and Linux will never be completely seperate. The Hurd
> will be able to use a lot of Linux binary packages, and maybe the Linux
> kernel will run on top of the Hurd sometime, who knows :) Because we always
> have the possibility to drop back to "Debian" I don't see the problem with
> "Debian GNU/Linux" for now.
> However, I _am_ concerned about the fact that the Debian logo is a penguin.
> I think this IS inappropriate, and I think we should have neither a GNU nor
> a chicken related with OUR logo.
> I will make this a proposal really soon, if nobody else steps forward
> (probably a native english speaker, who can word it more carefully. I would
> be happy to cooperate with someone who is interested).
> Marcus
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