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Re: Communicator won't run. Help!

Tongyu Wang posted here:

>The communicator 4.5 (complete install) won't run on my Debian box. I
>wonder maybe I did something wrong in configuration. Here is what I did:

Did U get the libc5 or glibc2 (from the unsupported dir) variety ?

>where did I do wrong?
>Is the libc5 in my system compatible with communicator? I am using
>libc.so.5.4.38. If a newer version of libc5 is required. Which one and how
>do I update it? Thanks for any help.

Now U have to set the $HOME environment in .profile of UR Shell.
Also run ldd -v /usr/local/netscape/netscape and see whether U R able to
fulfill all the lib dependencies of Netscape.  Please post with a detailed
error description again if U have problems.

ragOO, VU2RGU.

Keeping the Air-Waves   FREE....Amateur Radio
Keeping the WWW   FREE...Debian GNU/Linux

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