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Re: X won;t start after partial slink upgrade :-(

Stan Brown wrote:
>         In an attempt to get the siag office automation suite set up, I have
>         been partialy upgrading my hamm system to frozen.
>         I have installed xbase, which warned me that I would need othe packagse
>         now. I added xter, and xbas-clients, but now my system will not start
>         X.
>         The symlink for the appropriate X server (the S3 one if it matters) was
>         missing, so i create it by hand. Now X will start if I run the raw X
>         serve (X). However I have no startx script.
>         What packages do I need?
>         Is there aconfiguration script that I can run to fix this?
>         Thanks.

	I was afraid something like this would happen since X was broken down into
about a dozen packages in slink.
	I believe you will need to do a complete install of the slink X11.  You might
need to forcibly remove all hamm X11 packages before installing slink's X11
stuff.  In slink, X11 is broken down into ~12 packages, some like xbase and
xfonts-base are obvious, others like xdm and xprt aren't so obvious.  The
version number in slink for these files is  So when you upgrade
using dselect take a look at every file, in the x11 sections, with the above
version and read its description to determine whether you need it or not.

Ed C.

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