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RE: Eterm

On 25-Dec-98 Phillip Neumann wrote:
> Hello,
> When typing Eterm in a xterm, that will bring a transparent Eterm. Thats ok
> becouse i have  alias Eterm='Eterm -O'... But When invoking it from the gnome
> panel or from an E button that will not bring a trans Eterm as i wish....Is
> it normal that thouse dont `see' the aliases? How should i make that see it?

Correct, they are not seeing your alias.  If you want Eterm to ALWAYS be
transparent, move the trans theme MAIN file to ~/.Eterm/themes/Eterm. (Note
location and capitalization)

Your other option is to edit the menu or button configs for whatever wm/other
you are using.

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