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xfstt - Confusion?

Merry Christmas All!

After reading several recent postings, I decided to try installing some
true type fonts using xfstt. I did the following:

1. copied some ".ttf" fonts from my windows95 disk to /var/ttfonts  
2. ran "xfstt --sync"
3. edited "XF86Config" by adding FontPath "unix/:7101" as the next line
in the area of XF86Config that has all the FontPath directories listed.
4. quit xwindows (fvwm95)
5. ran startx - it failed with the following error

_FontTransSocketUNIXConnect: Can't connect: errno = 2
failed to set default font path ' <listed all the font paths including 
fatal server error:
could not open default font "fixed"

I then tried the command xset +fp "unix/:7101 - it failed with the

xset: bad font path element (#38), possible causes are:
Directory does not exist or has wrong permissions
Directory missing fonts.dir
Incorrect font server address or syntax.

My main confusion is about the line "unix/:7101". Every other entry for
fonts is a path and starts with "/" this one doesn't. Is it a path or
somthing I'm not familiar with? also which "fonts.dir" is it searching
for? I have several on my system, but none called either "unix" or

Have I missed something obvious? I'm running hamm if that makes a

Thanks for any hints.


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