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Re: Can't send mail from my machine:

I would try exim instead of smail, I've found it easier to set up with
nice docs.  I'm trying to get address re-writing working now, but at least
I can send messages (albeit with my-local-username@my-isps-hostname for a
From: address).  The rewrite stuff has fairly good instructions.  I think
I got errors something like yours also, I think it turned out to be a
question of picking the right response when asked for a hostname at some
point in there and restarting inetd or some deamon like that (helpful
huh?).   Anyway, good luck, and let me know if you get rewriting working
logically for a ppp connected machine :)

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Britton Kerin

On Mon, 28 Dec 1998, Matt Miller wrote:

> The following attempt to contact the outside world fails:
>     mail -s test mmiller@netnet.net < /dev/null
> I immediately receive a message that includes the following error:
>      mmiller@netnet.net ... transport smtp: 553 <matt@debian>...unresolvable;
>      rejected. Check your DNS
> All attempts to get any mail off my machine fail with similar errors.  I
> called my ISP, and they offered some excuse that "Linux is designed as
> a server environment, and it doesn't like routing mail through another
> machine."  They suggested I either switch to Windows or Macintosh, or send
> all mail by first telnetting into their network, then using my shell
> account to send mail.  The latter is the technique I used to send this
> posting.
> I'm using smail on a hamm system, and getting a ppp connection to my ISP.
> I used to be able to send mail from my machine, and I think I haven't
> changed any smail configs since then.
> How do tell smail to route mail through my ISP?  /etc/smail/routers is
> only 
>    smart_host:
>         driver=smarthost, transport=smtp;
> and /etc/smail/config attempts to indicate that mail should be routed
> through my ISP (netnet.net) via the following line:
>     smart_path=netnet.net
> Thanks,
> Matt Miller
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