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Matrox Xserver (again) and XFree86

First off, I really appreciate everyone's response to my earlier post on the Matrox Xserver.  Of course, now that I have the card installed, I can no longer find the Xserver on SuSE's website.  All I can find is a message saying that the Matrox server is now included in the SVGA server in XFree86, which is cool, except there are no debs for XFree86 and I'm not about to stick an X tarball on a debian system and then try unkludge everything when the deb does come out.  So, anyone know where I can find the Matrox Xserver/XF86Config file now -- or if I even still can -- and anyone have any idea when XFree86 will be available in a deb?

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