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Re: close but no cigar

KTB wrote:
> I installed Communicator 4.5 but got a couple of errors.
> tar: bookmark.htm: Could not create file: Is directory

	Where did you install NS, /usr/local/netscape?  If thats the case do you have
a directory (invalid symlink?) named bookmark.htm there?  That seems to be
what this error message is suggesting.  BTW, there is a bookmark.htm file in
NS's directory on my machine.

> tar: error exit delay from previous errors
>      Installing communicator Java files...
>      Installing additional component files...
>      Registering communicator 4.5....
> The Netscape communicator software installation is complete
> I also can't get the browser to come up when I enter "netscape&"  I

	Did you put the new location in your PATH variable?  Supposing its in
/usr/local/netscape, does '/usr/local/netscape/netscape &' work?  You may be
logged in as root (not reccomended) and trying to run it from its directory,
in which case does './netscape &' work?

> looked in the 'nethelp' file in the usr/local/netscape directory but
> didn't see anything about troubleshooting.  Help.
> Thanks,
> Kent

Ed C.

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