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Re: ZyXEL omin128 ISDN Setup Q.

Cleto Pescia wrote:
> Hi,
> > Please, where can I find step by step HOWTO on isdn for Linux?
> > Thank you!
> >
> > Or, if you're so kindly to read on:
> > My boss ask me to setup my Linux box for ZyXEL omni128 ISDN
> > externel modem to show him the power of Linux, or at least
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>   As far as I know (having installed a ZyXEL Omni 128 myself), this
>   is a TA (Terminal Adapter) and therfore does *not* require
>   isdn4linux. Just configure it as a normal modem. Works like a charm.

Thank you for your quick reply! Thank you!
Could you give me some much more help? I really need a ste-by-step
I don't know howto connect this TA to my computer, seems DB-25? why not 
RJ-45? and howto config the on-demand dialing?
do i need to re-compile the kernel?

Thank you!


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