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ZyXEL omin128 ISDN Setup Q.

Please, where can I find step by step HOWTO on isdn for Linux?
Thank you!

Or, if you're so kindly to read on:
My boss ask me to setup my Linux box for ZyXEL omni128 ISDN
externel modem to show him the power of Linux, or at least
my ability to manipulate Linux to do work for the company, not
just play with Enlightenment :-)
But frankly, I've no knowledge on ISDN at all! :-(
My first reaciton to my boss' command is rushing to metalab trying
to get a HOWTO, but very sadly, failed. :-(
I find the isdn4linux page, but got into a mess at all, and I've 
downloaded the ZyXEL-1.7 package from PE1CHL( What's this? ).
And I don't know what to do next. Hope someone could give me help.
BTW, I'm not afraid of READING, but not German at least :-)
English is already my pain. I'm !english speaking.

TIA ( But what does TIA mean? :-) Waht a geek am I!


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