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Re: Initio Scsi Adapter

     Adalberto, if you feel adventurous, you might try compiling
the 2.1.132 kernel from the ftp.kernel.org site.  Jeff Noxon was
kind enough to inform me that several of the Initio chipset drivers
were in the modules with that kernel source...not sure if the ones
you seek are in it, for sure, though.

     On the other hand, I wonder if we can do something with the
"Redhat drivers" on the www.initio.com site.  ...seems it would be
safer to compile them with one of our more stable kernels in the hamm
or frozen directories, if possible.  Maybe one of our developers will
let us know about this when they take a look at the initio site
code in those drivers/patches.  I also wonder if the alien package
might somehow be of use here.  ...will let you know what I find.
BTW, beware of loading certain patches as "modules" while running
make config, because kerneld has to start before the modules do
during boot time, and I'm not sure how early kerneld can be started,
yet (or how to start it earlier, if it can be done, for that matter). 

Good Luck,


On Sat, Dec 26, 1998 at 07:18:44PM -0200, Adalberto da Silva wrote:
> Hello,
> I just bought a Sony Spressa CD Recorder amd it came with an Initio
> INI-9100AS PCI SCSI adapter. It works as well as you could expect with
> Win95 but I did not find the correct choice for this adapter building a
> new kernel.
> There are a driver at Initio's site but I do not know what to do with
> that zipped file...
> Is there anybody using this adapter (and perhaps this CD recorder) under
> Debian Linux? Is there any hint in order I can build a new and fine
> working kernel to use this recorder *with* Linux?
> Thanks everybody and
> *Happy New Year, Linuxers*. I'm just feeling this could be the Year of
> the Penguin...
> --
> Adalberto da Silva
> Instituto Astronomico e Geofisico
> Universidade de Sao Paulo
> Brasil
> adalbert@iag.usp.br
> -- 
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