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Re: (null) as hostname, shell, etc.

Thanks for your help. The system rebooted and let me in. It looks like the
problem was with ssltelnet/ssleay. I can't find a "reason" tough why but
when I took it off and replaced it with the regualr telnet it works fine.

Thanks again,

On Thu, 24 Dec 1998, Nathan O. Siemers wrote:

> Could it simply be that the file that specifies your hostname was lost
> during the power outage?  Usually /etc/hostname contains the system
> name.  Do an ls -l and see if the file exists, if it does see what it
> contains and whether the permissions are all screwey on it.  You may
> have to replace it (and any other files that were messed with).
> nathan
> "Craig R. Hodges" <chodges@mars-hotel.com> writes:
> > 
> > I have a fairly simple Debian distrib (mostly hamm) on a computer that I
> > can't get to physically. Yesterday, when I attempted to login I got
> > 
> > (null) login:
> > 
> > I entered my username and pass then I was disconnected. I have ssltelent
> > and ssleay installed and was telneting in un-encrypted. Now when i attempt
> > to telnet in I get the attached error message. If I finger a user (I
> > changed to somebody to keep some security) I get (null) in the info.
> > (attached). 
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