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WD 7000 SCSI-card problem

Hope you're having nice holidays!

In order to test Linux, I got the special issue of the German
periodical "CHIP- Linux für.... (1. Linux Ausgabe 1999)"
It came with two disks, providing the Debian GNU/ Linux 2.0.

The System wich I wanted to install Linux on:
Tandon PAC II 486/33 SCSI on Board (Type unknown)
It has no HDD, but a removable Data-Pack thats bootable (1GB).

When I ran FIPS 15 to create partitions before the Linux installation
I recieved a message "Your HDD may not be h13 compatible"?!?
Don't know what that means.
I continued, it worked! I had the partitions I wanted.

Now I wanted to install Linux!
When booting Linux from a 3,5" FD the following line appeared:
"Failed initialization WD(Western Digital) 7000 SCSI-card"
It was that Linux didn't recognize any HDD in my system, when I tried
to make the root,swap etc. partitions.

I'm not even a biginner with Linux, I failed to manage the first

If anyone could help a greenhorn like me to get Linux on my System,I
hope this person gets at least a 100 years old without needing dental

I apologize for my bad english.

Mario Klann

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