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Re: Partial Install Problem Solved, now another

On 23 Dec 1998, Nils Lorvick wrote:

> I did happen to get past the partition problem of my install on my laptop
> by initiating the virtual console and then doing a manual delete of each
> partition, and then doing a cfdisk from dinstal. Now my next problem is,
> that it says I have a bad base14-5 disk. Now I've done 2 diskettes and 
> downloaded the same thing from the debian.org website (latest version)
> and debian says it's a bad disk, it does all the other 4 fine. Is there a
> bad compile of base 5? Can someone actually answer this question?
> Thanks
> Nils =O)
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My suspicion is that you've had two bad floppies (the Debian install is
very picky about floppies). Try another and even a fourth; use new
high-quality diskettes.

Kent West
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